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Ozone Dentistry

young girl smiling at dentistMinimally Invasive Ozone Dentistry is a revolutionary way to approach tooth decay, and Dr. Newman is proud to provide it for his patients here in Midtown. First, the way to detect decay has been redefined by a new diagnostic laser called the DIAGNOdent. We shine a light beam on your tooth (no poking with a probe) and can find the beginning stages of decay long before it will show up on an X-ray. Then, in cases where the decay is just starting, we can use ozone gas alone to sterilize the bacteria and a remineralization agent to help the tooth actually repair itself. All of this is done without a filling, drilling, or any discomfort.

If decay has progressed just past the outer enamel layer of the tooth, then we use a gentle air/water/powder spray called Air Abrasion to remove the decay instead of a drill. In nearly all cases, this is easily done without anesthesia (no shots!) because no drilling into the tooth is needed. Then, ozone gas is employed to sterilize the bacteria, a remineralization agent is placed, and finally a tooth colored filling is bonded to replace the missing structure.

Minimally Invasive Ozone Dentistry also uses ozone gas, ozonated oil and ozonated water to wipe out the bacteria in gum disease. By utilizing these three forms of ozone therapy, we can heal deep pockets around teeth and also stimulate bone growth. The traditional alternative involves surgery where the gums are cut and sewn to a new position and involves a long and painful healing period.

Root Canal Therapy with Ozone

Dr. Newman is focused on helping patients maintain whole, healthy smiles for a lifetime. If you’re struggling with a tooth that’s become severely damaged to the point that a filling or crown can’t be of assistance, extraction doesn’t have to be the only option – our team may recommend root canal therapy in conjunction with ozone treatment instead. This procedure will involve Dr. Newman removing bacteria from the affected tooth’s inner chamber. Ozonated water is then used to irrigate the canals, as well as ozone gas. Finally, after we’ve achieved ideal results, the tooth is permanently sealed again and restored with a dental crown.

You don't have wait until the year 2020 to have this kind of dentistry done. It’s available now!

Treating Cavities with Ozone

Ozone is exceptionally effective at destroying dangerous bacteria on contact. Additionally, it provides support in the remineralization process of natural tooth structure and helps your smile become stronger. If a BPA-free, tooth-colored filling is necessary, ozone can help reduce sensitivity and improve patient comfort during the placement process.

Ozone Tray Treatments

For patients with a high risk of experiencing tooth decay or have been diagnosed with gum disease, custom ozone trays may be the right preventive option. These trays are designed to allow ozone to circulate through your entire mouth, destroying pathogens and assisting with the recalcification process in a contained, maximally effective fashion. The procedure only takes around 20 minutes.

Extractions with Ozone

After a surgical procedure like tooth extraction, it’s vital that the recovery process goes smoothly. Our team will use ozone therapy to disinfect the patient’s bone and any existing cavitations (holes in the bone that may not be noticeable with visual inspections) immediately following the surgery.

Teeth Whitening with Ozone

Ozone therapy in conjunction with teeth whitening can help patients achieve a more vibrant smile. Ozone gas interacts with the whitening gel to increase the effectiveness of the whitening procedure.

Advantages of Minimally Invasive Ozone Dentistry