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Emergency Dentistry

Are you or a loved one experiencing a dental emergency? These instances can happen in the space between one moment and the next, and often when it’s most inconvenient to boot. Pick up the phone right now and contact Drs. Newman and Silver here at Gramercy Dental Studio! We do everything we can to see emergency cases as soon as possible and give you the relief and skilled support you need most during this trying time.  

There are certain steps patients can take to prevent dental emergencies from occurring, including avoiding sticky foods and always wearing a mouthguard during sporting events. However, the most important tip we can give you is a simple one: make sure to attend routine check-ups and cleanings with Drs. Newman and Silver! Our practice is dedicated to helping you maintain and protect your oral health, and natural, state-of-the-art services like ozone dentistry and air abrasion can prevent many problems before they get the chance to begin.

Our team can provide assistance and guidance with several common dental emergencies, including: