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Dentistry Can Eliminate Your Headaches

NTI-Tension Suppression System

Do you struggle with severe headaches/migraines on a regular basis? You’re not alone – in fact, tens of millions of Americans are in the exact same boat. Even more surprising is the fact that a skilled dentist might be able to provide you with the relief you need. Clenching your jaw because of tension or stress can result in significant discomfort, as well as eventual dental damage. At Gramercy Dental Studio, Drs. Newman and Silver can provide the protection and relief you need before this point in a natural, state-of-the-art way with a customized oral device known as a NTI-Tension Suppression System. Contact our Midtown location to schedule your first appointment today!

After Drs. Newman and Silver have fitted you for an NTI, your job is simple – just wear it when you’re sleeping. This use will help minimize the unpleasant muscle contractions that cause the bodily pain you’re familiar with.