Biomimetic Dentistry New York

A Conservative Approach to Restorative Treatment

Illustrated dental inlay being placed onto a damaged tooth

Traditional methods for saving teeth, such as dental crowns, root canal therapy, and basic fillings, are certainly effective. However, they come with some significant downsides. They may be expensive, and they often require that dentists remove significant portions of healthy tooth structure. In many cases, biomimetic dental treatments are a viable alternative. At Gramercy Dental Studio, Dr. Ira Newman is proud to offer biomimetic dentistry in New York to patients who want to maintain as much of their natural, healthy smiles as possible.

What Is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Illustrated dental onlay being placed onto a damaged tooth

The term “biomimetic” describes things that imitate life. Biomimetics is a growing field in the realm of science, and its applications have already improved modern life in countless ways. Its applications in dentistry are particularly exciting because it allows dental professionals to provide conservative, cost-effective, and predictable treatments.

During biomimetic procedures, Dr. Newman uses a reinforcing polyethylene fiber mesh to help distribute force evenly across a compromised tooth. He also layers on a tooth-colored, biocompatible bonding material. (Laying the material helps to avoid shrinkage during the setting process.) The bonding material’s purpose is to minimize stress between the natural dentition and its restoration. The goal of such treatments is to seal out bacteria, protect against breakdown at the margins of a restoration, and prevent fissures in teeth that can lead to fractures. The materials used in biomimetic dental treatments are specifically designed to imitate the elasticity and durability of natural dental enamel and dentin.

What Are the Advantages of Biomimetic Dentistry?

Smiling woman in dental chair

Some of the primary advantages of biomimetic dentistry include:

  • This form of minimally invasive dentistry in New York is often able to prevent the need for root canal therapy and crowns.
  • The materials used do more than just mimic the function of natural tooth structures. They are also designed to mimic the appearance of real enamel, so your smile can maintain its natural beauty. Dr. Newman will shade-match your restoration, so it blends in as seamlessly as possible with the dentition around it.
  • Traditional types of dental restorations, such as silver amalgam fillings and large, non-layered bonded fillings, come with certain risks. For example, they may leak or crack and eventually lead to the need for major dental treatments. Biomimetic treatments tend to produce better long-term results than traditional ones.
  • Often, biomimetic treatments result in lower costs for patients.
  • Biomimetic care is usually much more comfortable for patients than traditional treatments.

Are you ready to learn more about biomimetic dentistry and how it may be able to benefit your smile? Contact Gramercy Dental Studio today.