Direct Bonding New York

Fixing Cosmetic Flaws n Just One Appointment

Dental patient getting tooth treated with direct bonding in New York

Minor cosmetic dental flaws can be downright annoying. A small chip or gap between your teeth can make you wish for a magic wand that erases these imperfections in seconds. Well, while Dr. Newman can’t restore your smile in seconds, he certainly can in one appointment! With direct bonding in New York, you can walk through our doors unhappy with your smile and leave feeling great about the way you look and feel. This safe and effective cosmetic dentistry treatment is an affordable alternative to veneers, and it will have you saying “so long” to the problem areas plaguing your smile. To learn more, contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Newman today!

Why Choose Gramercy Dental Studio for Direct Bonding?

  • We Use Safe Materials to Conceal Smile Imperfections
  • We Care About Patient Comfort & Satisfaction
  • Convenient Appointments Available, Including Saturdays

What Is Direct Bonding?

Close up of dental patient getting tooth fixed with direct bonding

For years, patients have been turning to cosmetic dentistry treatments to fix dental imperfections. From teeth whitening to porcelain veneers, dentists continue to treat individuals who desire a new and improved look. In comparison to some of the more costly approaches (i.e., veneers), direct bonding has proven to be a popular option for patients in search of a more cost-effective method of treatment.

Whether it is stains, discoloration, chipped enamel, or small gaps in your smile, direct bonding can be quickly and easily applied, transforming your smile in no time at all. Dr. Newman, who is a cosmetic dentist in New York, will use a tooth-colored composite resin to cover your imperfections and blend with your natural smile.

What Is the Direct Bonding Process?

Woman getting direct bonding on front upper tooth

Known as a considerably less invasive procedure than veneers, direct bonding is completed in only one visit to our office. Dr. Newman will begin by using a shade guide to match the resin to your natural tooth color. Once he has chosen the right shade, he will begin to roughen the surface of your tooth. Then, he will place a special substance on the tooth to ensure the bonding agent adheres correctly.

Once the composite resin is ready, he will place it directly on to the enamel and begin to shape and sculpt it into the desired shape, color, and size of your tooth. Using a curing light, he will place in on the resin, so it can harden into place. To complete the process, he will make final adjustments before polishing and sealing the tooth.

What Are the Benefits of Direct Bonding?

Man grinning in dental chair

Direct bonding offers patients another method of cosmetic dental treatment, and while all options are effective at improving appearances, there are specific benefits associated with direct bonding that are hard, if not impossible, to overlook:

  • You can achieve drastic results in as little as one appointment.
  • It’s a more affordable option, in comparison to porcelain veneers or orthodontics.
  • The procedure is less invasive.
  • Direct bonding is a versatile treatment option that can fix various, minor cosmetic flaws.
  • There is no recovery time after direct bonding. While you might have some numbness, it will dissipate shortly after your procedure is complete.