Preventive Dentistry New York

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Woman in yellow blouse smiling during preventive dentistry checkup in New York

From checkups to dental sealants, our team offers a variety of preventive dentistry services to help you prevent decay, fractures, and other damage that could negatively affect your teeth and gums. Dr. Newman finds that the most important step that stops and prevents future dental problems from happening is working closely with patients. When we’re able to help you understand what’s going on in your mouth, you can become very active in protecting your smile alongside our minimally invasive approach. Call our office to schedule an appointment with us today for preventive dentistry in New York.

Why Choose Gramercy Dental Studio for Preventive Dentistry?

  • Advanced Dental Technologies for More Accurate Diagnoses
  • Proudly Using Only the Finest Materials and Laboratories
  • Guilt-Free Dentistry with a Focus on Patient Satisfaction

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

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Attending routine appointments is one of the most important steps patients can take toward a lifelong healthy smile. These visits allow Dr. Newman and the rest of our team to form a complete understanding of your dental needs through a visual examination, digital X-rays, screenings, and more.

Once we can see what your needs are, we can sit down with you and develop a personalized treatment plan that fits your personal goals and preferences. We want what’s best for you, which is why our services include conservative, natural options that make a real difference to your well-being. Revitalizing teeth cleanings will be provided as well during these routine appointments to clear away dangerous plaque and tartar.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Hand holding a white nightguard tray

It’s normal for tooth enamel to experience wear and tear over time; however, when the process is sped up thanks to teeth grinding (bruxism), it can lead to more serious consequences such as chronic jaw pain and tooth sensitivity. With a customized nightguard created by our dental team, though, you can avoid these situations and instead go to bed each night knowing that your smile is better protected. Not only will there be a positive difference in the state of your teeth, but you’ll wake up free of jaw pain because of the tension relief you’ll experience because of your nightguard.

Oral Cancer Screening

Box checked yes on paper form that says oral cancer are you at risk

It is estimated that more than 10,000 people will die from oral cancer in a single year, which is why we take this problem so seriously. Dr. Newman provides in-depth oral cancer screenings during routine checkups to keep you healthy and safe. While you may never get oral cancer, a simple and fast screening with our OralID system can give you confidence and peace of mind. And, if it is caught, we will provide you with recommendations for your clear next steps toward recovery. Read on to learn more about oral cancer screenings and what they entail.

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