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Do you try to stay up to date with the latest technology? Every year, Dr. Newman dedicates many hours to continuing education, where he learns about dentistry’s greatest innovations and technological advancements. Our New York dental practice is equipped with devices that make diagnosis and treatment easier, faster, and more comfortable for our patients. Read on or contact Gramercy Dental Studio today if you’d like to learn more!

Intraoral Camera

Dental professional holding an intraoral camera pen

A patient’s ability to see what is happening inside their mouth is now possible thanks to intraoral cameras. These handheld devices come equipped with a small camera tip so that images of the teeth and gums are scanned and projected on a chairside monitor in real-time. Not only does this make it easier for Dr. Newman to examine even the smallest crevices of the mouth, but it also allows for improved patient education, detailing the importance of treatment and good oral hygiene.

Digital Panoramic Dental X-Rays

Computer screen showing digital panoramic x rays of teeth

X-rays are a truly vital part of the dental care process, showing us important areas of your mouth that are completely inaccessible to the naked eye and helping us plan treatment with more precision and confidence than ever before. Digital technology makes the diagnosis of your dental problems much smoother and simpler, allowing Dr. Newman to provide quality, personalized care that leaves you smiling.

Digital dental X-rays have several benefits when compared with their traditional counterparts. They rely on a significantly smaller amount of radiation – up to 90% less, which makes them much safer for our patients. There are also no more darkrooms and no more hazardous chemicals, which is good news for the environment. Instead, we can capture and transfer detailed images of your mouth to our computer system in a matter of seconds; our team members can even rotate and color-code them to improve patient understanding. The X-rays can be transferred and reproduced digitally too, making them more environmentally friendly.

iTero Digital Dental Impression System

Dentist pointing to digital impressions of teeth on monitor

Traditionally, whenever a patient needs a dental crown, bridge, denture, or an oral appliance, dentists collect impressions using a molding tray and putty-like material. This has to be held in place for several minutes while the material sets or hardens enough to hold the impression. Needless to say, this process is an unpleasant experience for patients, and the mold created from the impressions often includes mistakes that lead to ill-fitting products.

At Gramercy Dental Studio, we use the iTero digital dental impression system instead. A small handheld device is placed inside the mouth, where it scans and collects data within seconds. Not only does this allow our team to avoid messy and uncomfortable putty impressions, but it also ensures that the restoration or appliance fits perfectly the first time.

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ORALID Cancer Screening Device

Close up of dental mirror inside of mouth

As a part of our commitment to the latest dental technology, our office is home to an ORALID cancer screening device. This amazing dental instrument makes screening for oral cancer as fast, efficient, precise, and effective as possible. ORALID uses a proven fluorescence technology that allows us to identify symptoms and abnormalities that tip off oral cancer. This special blue light essentially highlights problem areas, making it easier and quicker to find potential cancer, pre-cancer, lesions, or other warning signs.

Soft Tissue Laser

Hand holding a dental laser pen

Our practice is proud to feature a soft tissue laser (a dental diode laser) to provide the most efficient and comfortable treatment possible. This remarkable device uses a concentrated beam of light to cut through oral tissues and kill harmful bacteria with little to no bleeding. Compared to a traditional scalpel, it can shorten healing times, reduce the need for sedation and anesthesia, lower the risk of infections, and more! We use the laser for several different procedures, including frenectomies, gum disease treatment, gum recontouring, and more.

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The Wand™

Gloved hand holding The Wand

The Wand™ is an innovative device that makes receiving injections easier for patients with dental anxiety. Instead of waiting for the needle to pierce the sensitive tissue, resulting in additional stress, The Wand™ alleviates any concerns by carefully managing how fast the medication is administered. By numbing the treatment area before the injection occurs, patients can expect a more comfortable and stress-free experience.

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Digital Radiography

Dentist pointing to digital x rays of teeth on computer screen

Digital radiography is a transformative advancement that significantly enhances the diagnostic process in dental care. By replacing traditional film with digital sensors, this technology allows for immediate image capture and display. The clarity and detail of digital images far exceed those of conventional X-rays, enabling dentists to identify issues with unparalleled precision. Furthermore, digital radiography exposes patients to less radiation, ensuring a safer examination experience. With the ability to easily adjust and share images, both diagnosis and treatment planning become more efficient and effective, offering patients a more informed and reassuring dental visit.