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Glo Teeth Whitening – Gramercy Park, NY

Producing Brighter Smiles in Less Time

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Everyone wants a beautiful, healthy-looking smile but sometimes, no matter how well you take care of your teeth, stains and discoloration can still develop. Whether it’s age, overconsumption of dark-colored foods and beverages, or smoking, when stains appear beneath the tooth enamel, you’re going to need a professional to give you back your brighter, whiter smile. While some people reach for an over-the-counter whitening kit, you’ll most likely be throwing away your hard-earned money for a product that promises a lot but delivers nothing in return. This is why Dr. Ira Newman offers a better alternative that promises outstanding, dramatic results every time – Glo teeth whitening in Gramercy Park! To learn how you can get started on the path to a brighter smile, contact us today.

How Do Teeth Discolor?

Before our team recommends any specific teeth whitening treatment, we will take the time to determine the underlying cause of your dental discoloration, including:

How Does Glo Teeth Whitening Work?

Dr. Newman offers two ways to receive Glo teeth whitening: in-office or at-home. Should you opt for professional treatment performed in-house, your cosmetic dentist in Gramercy Park will begin by using a shade guide to determine desired results. Once your personalized treatment plan is created, he will use a specialized mouthpiece that combines warming heat and a safe LED light that works to accelerate the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. Penetrating the enamel of each tooth, the light and gel combination blasts away stains, providing long-lasting results in under an hour. This makes it possible to achieve your desired smile in less time and without the necessary process of taking impressions for customized trays.

If you’d rather whiten your smile at home, on your own time, we can provide you with a take-home Glo teeth whitening kit that includes the special mouthpiece and several Glo vials for touch-ups when necessary. Following Dr. Newman’s instructions, you can expect to see dramatic results in about two weeks.

Why is Glo Teeth Whitening Better Than Store-Bought Whiteners?

Glo teeth whitening offers patients smiles up to 12 shades brighter in just one visit to our office. In addition to saving time, you will also receive predictable results under the supervision of our skilled cosmetic dentist. This means you’ll achieve the desired end results in complete comfort with reduced risk for dental sensitivity that can occur following teeth whitening treatments.

How Long Will My Whitening Results Last?

Your in-office teeth whitening results can last months or years with proper care. This should include twice a day brushing, daily flossing, and biannual appointments with our team. You will also want to limit or forego consumption of staining foods and drinks like coffee, berries, and red wine. If you use tobacco or smoke, your teeth will also discolor more quickly, so kicking this habit can help extend your results. We can also offer you professional take-home whitening kits, so you can touch up the results a few times each year.