5 Things to Know Before Getting Invisalign

November 26, 2022

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a dentist is showing a man Invisalign aligners

Not everyone is born with perfectly straight pearly whites. Fortunately, the advancements in dental technology and techniques can make your dream smile a reality with the least intrusion. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign is a discreet option to fix crooked or misaligned teeth. It uses a series of clear aligners to shift your teeth to their desired locations. While there are many benefits of Invisalign, you should be aware of some factors before beginning treatment. Here are five of them!

#1. It’s a Time Commitment

In order for Invisalign treatment to be successful, it will be important to wear your clear aligners consistently and as instructed by your dentist. The plastic trays use constant, gentle pressure to move teeth into their final position over a course of time. You will have to wear them at least 20-22 hours a day, otherwise you risk hindering your results.

#2. You Might Experience Discomfort

You will change to a new set of aligners roughly every two weeks. After you switch trays, there may be some level of discomfort for a period of time. It’s the result of having constant pressure placed on your teeth to promote movement. While it may be slightly uncomfortable, most patients prefer it over having metal wires and brackets in their mouths that irritate the gums and cheeks.

#3. More Attachments May Be Necessary

Depending on your personalized Invisalign treatment plan, you might receive more attachments than you are expecting. This may include enamel-colored ridges that stick to your teeth to move them more effectively. Although virtually invisible on their own, they will look like you are wearing clear braces once you slip the aligners over them.

#4. It Requires More Oral Hygiene

A good oral hygiene routine consists of brushing your teeth twice and flossing daily. With Invisalign, you will need to be cleaning your pearly whites every time you take your aligners out to eat or drink something other than water. You will need to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth before putting them back in, as well as clean your aligners to minimize staining and harmful bacteria.

#5. You Will Need to Wear a Retainer After Treatment

After completing treatment, you will be required to wear a retainer to hold your newly straightened teeth in place. For the first few months, you might have to wear it all day and night. Afterward, your dentist may recommend for you to only wear it throughout the night.

Invisalign is a great option for straighter teeth, but you want to be aware of all aspects of its treatment. With these factors in mind, you will be prepared for the journey toward your optimal smile!

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Dr. Ira Newman and his team at Gramercy Dental Studio proudly serve New York through three different offices. He trained at the prestigious Dawson Center for Advanced Dentistry and is a member of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (ACD). With a 5-star rating on Google, Dr. Newman gives personalized Invisalign treatment plans to guide you every step of the way to a healthy, straight smile! To schedule a consultation, contact him through his website or call  (516) 407-9638.

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