Getting Unstuck: 4 Foods That Can Get Between Your Teeth and What to Do About It

March 23, 2024

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On a first date, you want to make a good impression. You may even spend more time than usual getting ready or worry about awkward pauses in the conversation. However, you worry most of all about a piece of food sliding in between your teeth and get stuck there at dinner or at the movie. You fear all they’ll see is that unattractive bit in your smile! To avoid disaster on your date, learn about the foods that could cause this uncomfortable scenario and what to do about it.

Common Foods That Get Stuck

Although almost any food that requires chewing can become lodged between your teeth, here are some of the worst offenders.


Popcorn is notorious for damaging teeth, but even if you avoid the whole kernels, the bits of shell can easily become wedged between your teeth.


Although raspberries contain a lot of Vitamin C and other good nutrients, they also have a ton of seeds. In fact, the average raspberry has about 120! While you’re eating this fruit, be careful about biting down too hard, lodging a seed in the spaces between your teeth.

Caramel Apples

Any sticky candy can be difficult to remove from teeth, but caramel apples are doubly detrimental. Not only does the outside adhere to your teeth, but the fibrous apple and peel can get firmly wedged in.


Eating corn on the cob is delicious, but you do so at your own risk. The outer layer is bound to slip between your front teeth, not only causing discomfort but also attract the wrong attention to your mouth. When corn is cut off the cob, it is less likely to get stuck in your front teeth, but it can still squeeze between your molars.

What to Do When Food Gets Stuck Between Your Teeth

First, don’t panic. Even if you feel pressure on your teeth, they won’t shift out of position right away. Once you have access to floss, gently slide it between your teeth and move it around to loosen or dislodge the bits of food. Most of the time, this should be enough to clear it out.

If flossing doesn’t work, you must contact your dentist. Do not use a toothpick, knife, or any other pointy object to dig out the stuck food. You could seriously damage your teeth or gums. Your dentist, on the other hand, can safely remove the food without causing harm.

If possible, bring some floss with you on your date. Should you feel something get stuck between your teeth, you can excuse yourself to the bathroom and floss it out. Don’t let a tiny bit of food distract you from having a good time and potentially meeting your future partner!

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